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Our leather straps are made of full-grain leather which is the purest and least processed form of leather - this is because the leather is made from the upper part of the animal hide.

Since the leather is full-grain, it also means that each product comes with a unique imprint of the skin from which it is made - and with the right care the strap only gets better looking over time.



Our canvas straps are designed to cope with any task - whether it's on the construction site, the office or the nightclub. The straps are made of canvas, which in addition to being extremely durable, also grants the opportunity to create many different stylish designs.

The backside is made of genuine leather, which keeps trackline and canvas in place.

Nordform Tracksporet på bagsiden


The Nordform trackline is sewn into all our straps and enables all belts to be tightened with 5 millimeters precision.

The trackline is produced in hard plastic. It lasts a lifetime when used correctly.

Nordform BELTS

At Nordform we have transformed the classic gentlemen's belt. Instead of holes, the Nordform Trackline™ is sewn into the back of all our straps. 

The trackline allows our belts to be tightened with 0.5 cm precision - so you can enjoy maximum comfort throughout the day. It also enables our straps to fit even if you gain or lose weight.

Without holes, our straps suffer minimal wear. We've taken up the fight with expensive brand belts with short lifespans.

Our leather straps are made of true Full-Grain leather. With the right care, real leather only gets better looking through its years. It's a perfect match with our Nordform Trackline™.

All straps fit all buckles, and you can easily expand your collection with new models that suit your wardrobe.

- We think that's reasonable luxury.

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