The Luxury Set consists of 3 straps and 2 buckles of your choice. That way you’ll get your own personal set with 6 possible combinations.

Pick and choose between the selection of gorgeous Full-Grain leather straps and our stylish & durable canvas straps.

  • Leather Straps: 100% Full Grain Leather
  • Canvas Straps: 50% Canvas, 50% Genuine Leather
  • 32 mm wide
  • Buckles: 95% zinc alloy, 3-4% aluminium og 1-2% mixed metals

All our straps arrive with a minimum length of 135 cm. Simply measure and cut the strap for a perfect personal fit.

If you use W42/XXL or less in pants our straps will fit you perfectly.

Nordform BELTS

At Nordform we have transformed the classic gentlemen's belt. Instead of holes, the Nordform Trackline™ is sewn into the back of all our straps. 

The trackline allows our belts to be tightened with 0.5 cm precision - so you can enjoy maximum comfort throughout the day. It also enables our straps to fit even if you gain or lose weight.

Without holes, our straps suffer minimal wear. We've taken up the fight with expensive brand belts with short lifespans.

Our leather straps are made of true Full-Grain leather. With the right care, real leather only gets better looking through its years. It's a perfect match with our Nordform Trackline™.

All straps fit all buckles, and you can easily expand your collection with new models that suit your wardrobe.

- We think that's reasonable luxury.

behind the belt


SEE OUR video guide

Here you can see our video guide on how to measure and cut your belt the easiest way.

1@1000x 1
1. Measure & cut

Place the strap around your waistline and find the length that suits you. We recommend 15 cm excess strap. Use sharp scissors to cut excess strap on the opposite end of the trackline.

2@1000x 1
2. combine

Insert the strap into the buckle and press down on the lock. Make sure the lock is fully pressed down, so the small metal teeth bite the leather.

3@1000x 1
3. tighten

Put your new belt in your pants from right to left.

To unlock the belt, push the tip on the underside of the buckle away from yourself.


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  1. C

    It’s a cool, good belt system, for sure, but I’ll be honest: I don’t think it lives up to the hype. I don’t think it oozes quality considering the price.

    While the hole-less system works as advertised, it’s quite difficult to actually release the mechanism to get the belt off, because the latch is tiny and quite recessed.

    The belts are also really stiff, so the end that goes through the buckle ends up poking out from the side and lifting my shirt, which I don’t tuck in, but if I did, the belt would be poking out on the side of my waist, as there’s no loop on my jeans in that spot. Note that this hasn’t been an issue with other belts I’ve had.

    Also, the two belt buckles I selected (minimalist silver and minimalist black) differ in finish, with one having quite sharp edges/corners and the other smooth edges/corners, so I worry that one of them may poke holes in my shirt.

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  2. JL

    Väldigt bra bälten faktiskt, en detaljs som jag dock tror kan uppskattas på informationsbladet som följer med snulle var hur man spänner loss bältet. Efter en kort panikattack så hittade man den lilla spaken på bältknäppet. Skulle älskat ha det inkluderat i beskrivningen för oss slöare folk

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  3. RS
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  4. TH
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  5. PC
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