We focus on the details

Nordform is a design-driven team – our goal is offer luxurious quality-products at fair rates. Consequently we have a rather small selection of products, as we spend a lot of time on each item, trying our best to perfect the design.
This process doesn’t stop once the product is released – we do our best to test, review and improve before release – but the best reviewers are our customers. Those who use our goods in their everyday life.

Your feedback help us upgrade and improve every design.
Thank you for that.

Do you have a suggestion for a product improvement? Let us know at hi@nordformstore.com


Designed in Denmark – global production

At Nordform we are extremely proud of our wide network of skilled people from all over the globe.
We have partners in Denmark, Spain, Brazil, China, Portugal & Italy – everyone’s combined knowledge and talent makes Nordform a reality.

We vouch for our products.

We offer Lifetime Warranty on the functionality of all our belts. So, should your belt ever stop working, we’ll repair or replace it – free of charge.
All you have to provide is the shipping to us. We cover the return.

On the rest of our catalogue, we offer a 5 Year Extended Warranty.


Deals are attainable for Customer Club members – we send offers monthly

We promise not to spam your inbox with trivial e-mails.

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