We are a design driven team with one goal – to create the perfect belt

The best products in the world are reliable.
They are thorough, beautiful and durable. 

You should be able to feel the time that have been put into them.

Our mission at Nordform is to create such products.

The idea emerged due to frustration over the lack of belts which were both durable, functional and well-designed.
Quality straps and buckles with foundations built on functionality, design, and freedom of choice.

That’s reasonable luxury.

“Old-fashioned craftsmanship and innovative design solutions is the framework for our belts “

The idea arose after paying a large sum of money for a belt from an expensive brand, which broke after a few months of use. A better product had to be made and a year later we were ready to present our first Nordform belt.

– Frederik Gammelgaard

After spending a year developing our buckle, as well as spending many hours quality testing our leather, we finally stand with what we think is the perfect belt – durable, wear-resistant, and very well designed.

– Mathias Gram