Rest easy gentlemen, we have put together a short guide that will make you leather experts in 5 minutes.

Here is a general overview of the different types of leather available on the market.

Faux Leather
– Vegan, Pleather, PU –

This is technically not leather, but we’ll include it for good measure. Faux leather is a synthetic material – it’s a form of plastic. It’s therefore man-made and has nothing to do with animal hide. Faux leather is often cheap, but also very fragile compared to real leather.

Genuine Leather
– Napa, Split, Embossed, Coated, Corrected, Suede –

One of the most widely used forms of leather – and the most confusing as well. This type of leather goes by many names, the most popular of which is genuine leather.

Due to the popularity (and confusion), we will elaborate a bit on this concept.

If you look up subjectives for the word “genuine” words like original, real and unadulterated will appear.

Therefore, many consumers (for good reason) believe that genuine leather is high-quality animal hide. But genuine leather basically just means that “technically it’s leather”.

It is more like a broad classification of material than a type of leather.

Put simply, genuine leather can be anything from small pieces of skin residue, mixed with rubber and treated with artificial texture, to the lower part of the animal hide.

For instance, the back of the animal hide belongs under the term genuine leather. The back feels rough compared to the smooth front and is also known as suede leather. Therefore, there can be great quality differences between two leather products made of genuine leather.

Top- & Full Grain Leather
– Real Leather –

Full-grain leather is the upper part of the animal skin. All the hair is picked, after which the leather is treated and dyed. On some full-grain leather products, various scars and bruises from the animals can still be seen in the finished product.

For top-grain leather, a very thin layer of the skin is filed down to remove such imperfections.

This leather type is incredibly durable and often gets a nice patina with age.

With the right care, products made of Top- & Full Grain leather can last for several generations.

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