Classic, stylish and durable – a good leather product should last a lifetime. Like most things, though, your leather products will get dirty, worn or scratched over time.
Below you can get some help on what care is best for your product:
  • For delicate leather
  • Cleans and maintains
  • Leaves soft and well nourished
  • Adds natural shine
  • Gentle
Our leather cream cleanses and maintains your leather products. The leather cream penetrates the leather, leaving it soft and well nourished and adds a natural shine.
The leather cream is best suited for leather goods that are more delicate and not exposed to harsh conditions.
This could be our belts or Mouse Pads.
  • For exposed leather
  • Creates a protective layer
  • Leaves soft and well nourished
  • Heals cracked leather
  • Water repellent
Our leather grease nourishes and protects your leather products. The grease creates a layer of protection against liquids and also heals cracked leather.
Leather grease is best suited for leather goods that are more exposed and occasionally exposed to liquid or dirt.
This could be our Desk Mats or Sleeves.

Leather care guide

Although leather is durable, it sometimes requires cleaning to remove grease, stains or other types of dirt. When the leather absorbs dirt, the oils in the leather can become discolored, and it is important to remove the stains as soon as possible.

Light cleaning:

For light cleaning with no visible or very little dirt, our leather cream may be enough. The leather cream penetrates the leather, cleans and leaves it soft and well nourished. The cream adds a natural shine to the leather’s surface.

Deep cleaning:

For very visible dirt, use a small amount of leather cleaner or just water on a lint-free cloth. Gently massage the leather to remove dirt and stains, focusing on heavily stained areas. (Always test first on a non-visible area before doing it on the whole surface).
Never use strong soap, baby wipes or strong chemicals to clean or remove stains. This can, among other things, lead to discolouration, drying out, cracking and accumulation of grease.
When the dirt is cleaned, you must let the leather dry completely – preferably up to 24 hours.
After this, the leather must have moisture and nourishment again.
Depending on your product, you choose either a leather cream or leather fat and follow the instructions on how to apply it.