Size 13'':
Macbook Pro 13'' from 2016 to 2020
Macbook Air 13'' from 2018 or newer

Size 14'':
Macbook Pro 13" Retina from 2012 to 2015
Macbook Pro 14" from 2021 or newer

Size 15'':
Macbook Pro 15'' from 2013 to 2016

Size 16'':
Macbook Pro 16'' from 2019 or newer


Applies to a minimum of 10 pcs.

If your Nordform product needs to be made even more personal, we offer special engraving. This can be your company logo, initials, etc.

Contact us for price and more information.


Size 13'':
- Measures 32,9 x 24,5 cm
- 100% Full Grain Leather

Size 14'':
- Measures 33,8 x 25,8 cm
- 100% Full Grain Leather

Size 15'':
- Measures 38,5 x 27,5 cm
- 100% Full Grain Leather

Size 16'':
- Measures 38,4 x 28,6 cm
- 100% Full Grain Leather

Quality materials

All our Sleeves are made from full grain leather - leather with minimal treatment of the skin before the tanning process. The leather gets a natural patina over time.

Therefore, no two sleeves are alike - each skin has its own character. Various scars and imperfections make your Sleeve completely unique.

Focus on the details

Our Sleeves are designed with the small details in mind.

You do not need to take your Macbook out to charge it, the opening of the sleeve leaves space for the charging cable.

Mouse Pad on the go

When on the go, it's still nice to be able to use your mouse.

Our Sleeves are perfect as a Mouse Pad on the go, as the back is completely flat - and made of the same material as our Mouse Pads.

Minimalist Design

The design of our Sleeves is clean and timeless.
Every detail matters.

The combination of good design, professional craftsmanship and high-quality materials can be felt at first touch.