Macbook Sleeves


Made for 13”, 14”, 15” and 16”

sleeve in leather sleeve in kaktus
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Clay (VEGAN)Clay (VEGAN)
Moss (VEGAN)Moss (VEGAN)

Focus on the details

Our Sleeves are designed with the small details in mind.

You do not need to take your Macbook out to charge it, the opening of the sleeve leaves space for the charging cable.

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Quality materials

Our Sleeves are made from only the best materials. They are available in both Nordform Signature Leather™ and Nordform Vegan Cactus™.

Nordform Signature Leather™ is 100% Full grain leather - leather with minimal treatment of the hide before the dyeing process - and therefore acquires a natural patina over time. Read more.

Nordform Vegan Cactus™ is a 100% vegan material made from the leaves of the cactus - and even with a negative Co2 footprint. Read more.

stars 5

High quality, super design

The design and quality of the belts and components are really good. The packaging is attractive and good for storing them. It’s already my second set.

Wolfgang / Trustpilot

stars 5

Perfect quality

Perfect quality Super unboxing experience. I got the luxury set 3 belts 2 belt buckles the storage box is high quality and the inner foam is though.

Quinn C. / Trustpilot

stars 5


I ordered belts for my boyfriend. I got my package and all products are really nice. I can't wait for Christmas to come so i can give him the fancy box with 3 shiny belts!

Stephanie / Trustpilot

stars 5

Feels luxurious

Feels luxurious at a reasonable price, especially considering the many combinations one can make. The leather also feels high-quality.

Adam / Trustpilot

stars 5

Was delivered as promised…

The belt was delivered as promised within the mentioned delivery period. Assembly was very easy and when I figured this out, it is very easy to do so.

Tim G. / Trustpilot

stars 5

Very nice belts!

Very nice belts. I will not buy a ordinary belt anymore. The price is higher than for other belts, but they keep looking new, they does not wear out.

John L. / Trustpilot

stars 5

It was a fast delivery

It was a fast and correct delivery. The belts look very nice as well as the giftbox (for 3). I'm very happy with these belts they always fit.

Tom K. / Trustpilot

stars 5

Quick and easy ordering

Quick and easy ordering. Shipping was fast and the goods were very well packaged. They aren't cheap but well worth it for the quality that you get.

Niels K. / Trustpilot

stars 5

fast delivery

fast delivery, very nice belt, I love the sound it makes. you do need to remind yourself when you switch pants which side the unbuckling mechanism is.

Timo K. / Trustpilot

stars 5

great service

Good quality buckles and belts. I experienced an issue with one of the belts and after sending an email i got great service. Would recommend!

Menno / Trustpilot

stars 5

Great concept and quality

Thank you so much for the great products !!! Smooth ordering and very fast shipping to Belgium . I love the concept and quality of the belts .

Gunther / Trustpilot

stars 5

I had a good experience

I had a good experience from my purchase. I got the wrong belt buckle, and I got the replacement quickly. Really good support.

Mattias / Trustpilot

stars 5

I was pleasantly surprised...

I was pleasantly surprised about the high quality of the buckles and belts. Also a nice giftbox wherein you can keep them save. Fast delivery. So very satisfied.

KlantRR / Trustpilot

Minimalist Design

The design of our Sleeves is clean and timeless.
Every detail matters.

The combination of good design, professional craftsmanship and high-quality materials can be felt at first touch.

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Sleeve som Mouse Pad

Mouse Pad on the go

When on the go, it's still nice to be able to use your mouse.

Our Sleeves are perfect as a Mouse Pad on the go, as the back is completely flat - and made of the same material as our Mouse Pads.