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The advantage of the Nordform trackline™ is that the straps suffer minimal wear - in addition to giving you ultimate comfort. This is because the belt is not tightened through holes in the strap, but through a magnetic lock in the buckle and directly into the trackline.

No more broken and worn-out holes like in a regular belt.


The straps are held by small teeth at the end of the buckles - strap and buckles are therefore two separate parts.

All buckles fit all straps, and you choose exactly which parts suit your wardrobe.

Are you unsure how the belt works? Watch our video guide here.

Nordform BELTS

At Nordform we have transformed the classic gentlemen's belt. Instead of holes, the Nordform Trackline™ is sewn into the back of all our straps. 

The trackline allows our belts to be tightened with 0.5 cm precision - so you can enjoy maximum comfort throughout the day. It also enables our straps to fit even if you gain or lose weight.

Without holes, our straps suffer minimal wear. We've taken up the fight with expensive brand belts with short lifespans.

Our leather straps are made of true Full-Grain leather. With the right care, real leather only gets better looking through its years. It's a perfect match with our Nordform Trackline™.

All straps fit all buckles, and you can easily expand your collection with new models that suit your wardrobe.

- We think that's reasonable luxury.

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